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“I was feeling really unmotivated and struggled to find the energy to leave the house before sessions. My experience was really positive we managed to find solutions to a lot of problems I was facing and learned some things that will be helpful for the rest of my life. After my last session I was constantly out doing things with friends, meeting new people, starting new activities and hobbies. I would definitely recommend if you feel like you could make some improvements in your life as these sessions have helped me alot and have made me grow as a person”

Male, 23, Leicester

I was suffering with clinical depression and mild anxiety, also alongside dealing with chronic pain. I had a very positive experience with this hypnotherapy. It was supportive and informal. I left every session feeling positive and relaxed, which is on the contrary to any other therapy I’ve received. This is the only therapy that has benefitted me.
My mood has dramatically improved and stabilised and I’m dealing with difficult situations a lot better. I would highly recommend Josie and her services. I, and my friends/family, have noticed a change in my mental health, which I have been dealing with for over 5 years.

Female, 20, Leicester 

"I came to Josie because I found it very hard to try new food, almost as if it were a phobia this restricted my palette and also my diet was affected. 
At first it seemed too simple to be effective which just emphasised my surprise when I started to notice subtle changes due to the sessions. Josie bought positivity to every session, so much so that I would look forward to sitting down and talking about my week. I would always finish a session feelings better about myself and also ready for the week ahead
As my sessions drew to an end, I was more positive about myself and was more in control of my happiness. My initial goal, to be more brave and willing to try new foods, had been achieved, but also I had generally a more positive outlook on life which I didn’t expect to happen. It was impressive that little changes to your life and routine can have such big impacts on your thoughts and actions. 
To someone else, I would suggest that if they have any worries or issues then they should give definitely give the hypnotherapy sessions a try as I don’t see it as a cure, but a method to which you can be more in control of you brain and your emotions. The sessions are done in such a friendly manner that there’s no reason not to give it a go and see if it works for you."

Male, 20, Leicestershire

“Last year I was really not in a good place mentally, I had isolated myself and felt completely gripped by my depression/anxiety to the point I would dissociate completely. I honestly thought I was going to be stuck that way or had to learn to just get over it but I couldn't even bring myself to do what I needed to improve.
Being totally honest I was really skeptical about starting sessions and didn't know what to expect, I'd rejected any kind of therapy in the past and struggled to properly open up and address my issues.
Over the last few months you've helped me to actually understand myself and have genuinely made such a huge difference in my life. Just seeing you for an hour each week and learning to recognise and understand why I feel the way I do and how to improve on myself is something that I will keep with me forever and I'm so, so thankful for that.
I feel like I leave each session with such a clear mind and it really sets me up for the week. I'm just so thankful for how much you've helped me.“

Male, 25, Leicester

"I went to Josie with a very intense phobia of spiders (seeing one would affect the rest of my day and reduce my productivity etc). I had 4 sessions with Josie and she utilised the time wonderfully; she taught me exactly how my brain operates when it comes to distress like this and how we were going to change these thought processes. She then proceeded to remind me of the science behind these, went through guided relaxation/trance with me, and always had a lovely positive vibe throughout every session which had a really positive impact on my overall mood. I would definitely recommend Josie if you’re looking for someone to help you with any negative mental attitudes/anxieties/phobias you may be struggling with, she is so knowledgeable/helpful, inspiring and just a lovely person to work with who makes you feel comfortable, there’s honestly not much more you can ask for from a therapist my specific phobia has definitely become manageable since seeing Josie and I am so grateful, thank you so much "

Female, 19, Leicester

"What has been achieved is something I had been looking for, and working on, for quite some time: a new way of thinking, a new way of living, and a new way of being. The ability to differentiate between the modes of thought and hearing the logistics behind what makes the mind create such levels of depression and anger when presented with a crisis have been invaluable.
Whether you have a specific thing you want to deal with, or just need a new way of thinking and being, this is a great place to start and finish. Aside from all this too, it is a professional experience with a lovely and warm personality to complete the whole thing."

Male, 20, Nottingham

"I work in a fairly stressful and demanding job, and would often get anxious and fixated on small tasks. This could leave me overthinking in the evenings and affect my sleep, leaving me tired the next day. It has been a pleasure to work with Josie. She was understanding of the situation and provided me with a number of really useful techniques to help me address my anxiety. The sessions were very relaxing and Josie is very easy to talk to, which always made me feel at ease. Using the techniques that we went through, I noticed that my general mood quickly improved and my anxiety decreased. I also started sleeping much better, getting myself into a routine which I hadn't done in years, so this was a real game-changer. I regularly revisit the techniques Josie showed me to help manage my anxieties. I would highly recommend the sessions with Josie to anyone suffering from anxiety. Being able to speak to someone in a positive, constructive way was so helpful for my mental health and over the last few months I have seen a noticeable improvement in my wellbeing."

Male, 26, London

I never imagined that I'd gain so much from the therapy. When I first started, I set out a goal of improving my confidence in the sport I do. Not only did the therapy help me to exceed this goal way beyond my expectations but it also helped me to quit smoking, alleviate general anxiety, get better sleep and tackle other smaller 'fears' I had.  During sessions, Josie made me feel very comfortable. She is completely non-judgemental, very approachable and easy to talk to. She quickly picked up on the ways I find learning easiest and made sure that new concepts and ideas were explained in ways that were relevant and personal for me and easy to understand. 

Now that I've finished sessions, I feel confident and ready to continue moving forward because Josie and this therapy have taught me the all the skills and tools I need to carry on progressing independently. 

I would 100% recommend solution-based hypnotherapy with her to anyone who is willing to try it.

Female, 23, Leicestershire

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